Antique and Vintage for Japanese Gifts

Antique vintage from Japan can serve as wonderful gifts and souvenirs for tourists from all over the world.
Japan has long been steeped in a beautiful traditional culture of old crafts and artifacts.
These antique vintages have a special meaning due to their historical and cultural background.

For example, old brocade and ceramics from the Edo period, copperware and lacquerware from the Meiji period represent the tradition of Japanese arts and crafts.
Also, retro sundries and toys from the Showa period, as well as old books and postcards from the prewar period, evoke a sense of nostalgia and are popular even among people from overseas.
These antique and vintage items will be appreciated by foreign tourists as special gifts and souvenirs that embody Japan’s cultural heritage.
There is also a wide variety, from small, easily accessible items to more expensive ones, so you can choose according to your taste and budget.
Please consider Japanese antiques and vintage items as souvenirs or gifts for your visit to Japan or for those who are interested in Japanese culture.

Tea Utensils (Matcha/ Sencha)

Choosing tea utensils as a gift or souvenir from Japan is a wonderful choice. Below are some ideas for tea utensils for international tourists.

Tea bowls – Tea bowls are a fundamental item in the tea ceremony and come in a variety of shapes and colors. In particular, each handmade tea bowl is unique and beautiful and makes a unique gift.

Matcha Set – A matcha set includes a chasen, chashaku (tea whisk), tea bowl, and other items necessary to experience Japanese tea culture.
Matcha sets are recommended for tea ceremony beginners as they allow them to enjoy tea easily.

Hanging Scroll/ Square Drawing Paper (Japanese Painting/ Palligraphy)

Kakejiku and shikishi are part of traditional Japanese culture and can be valuable gifts as Japanese presents or souvenirs.
Below are some recommendations for giving kakejiku and shikishi as gifts to foreign tourists.

Kakejiku and shikishi are recommended for those with an interest in Japanese culture and history.
In particular, those featuring works by famous Japanese painters and calligraphers are highly valued as works of art and will be appreciated as gifts.

You can choose the type of hanging scroll or colored paper according to the interests and tastes of the recipient.
For example, there are a variety of themes, such as those expressing nature and the seasons, Zen Buddhism and Buddhist teachings, or depicting animals and landscapes.

Kakejiku and shikishi are also known as Japanese customs and good luck charms.
For example, they can be presented in a variety of situations, such as hanging scrolls and colored paper to pray for a new start or good fortune, or to celebrate the New Year or seasonal festivals.

Kakejiku and shikishi are also one of Japan’s traditional crafts.
Many of them are handmade, and many tourists are fascinated by their beauty and intricate techniques.
Kakejiku and shikishi are also a great way to introduce Japanese traditional culture.

Kakejiku and shikishi are sometimes used as interior decorations in Japan.
When selecting a gift, it is best to consider the lifestyle of the recipient and choose one that is easy to use as an interior decoration.

Taking the above points into consideration, when you give a kakejiku or shikishi as a gift or souvenir, you will be able to convey traditional Japanese culture and aesthetics to your recipient, and create a special memory.

Women’s Accessories

Antique and vintage Japanese accessories make wonderful gifts and souvenirs for international tourists. These accessories symbolize the beautiful culture and traditions of Japan.

Japanese antique vintage jewelry includes a variety of hand-carved wooden brooches and pendants, beautifully carved silver earrings, and necklaces made of ancient Japanese paper.

These accessories will have special meaning to people from other countries. They allow them to understand and respect the beautiful culture and traditions of Japan. In addition, handmade accessories will be a special gift because they are unique and individual.

If you have friends or family visiting from abroad and would like to give them some antique or vintage Japanese accessories, you should definitely visit a Japanese antique store. There you will be sure to find a wonderful accessory that they will love.

Men’s Accessories

Japanese antique and vintage cufflinks and necktie pins have a unique value that comes from their age and historical background
and their beautiful designs and textures are loved by people from all over the world. In addition, their beautiful designs and textures are loved by people all over the world.

We recommend that you consider antique and vintage cufflinks and necktie pins as gifts or souvenirs that remind you of traditional Japanese culture.

Because these items are rare and vintage, we take great care in their quality and condition.
Each item has a unique design and texture unique to its era, and is sure to be loved by the recipient.

Antique and vintage cufflinks and necktie pins are a great way to experience Japanese culture and make great gifts or souvenirs. Please choose one as a gift for a loved one or as a reward for yourself.


Antique and vintage figurines make excellent gifts and souvenirs from Japan. They combine beauty and unique historical value, and are deeply connected to Japanese culture and tradition.

Japan has long had a culture that values beauty, and antique and vintage figurines are a wonderful gift to express that beauty. They also hold special meaning and are cherished by those who love the old traditions of Japan.

Antique vintage figurines come in many different types. They include Buddhist statues found in Japanese shrines and temples, as well as traditional Japanese furniture and crafts. They reflect the aesthetics of old Japan and have a mysterious and unique charm.

These figurines are perfect for home décor or as gifts for your office or business partners. They will also be interesting and fascinating to those interested in Japanese culture and traditions.

Antique and vintage figurines make excellent Japanese gifts and souvenirs. They combine beauty and historical value, making them gifts with special meaning for those who love Japanese culture and traditions.

flower Vase

Antique and vintage Japanese vases/vases have beautiful and unique designs and are popular as gifts and souvenirs of traditional Japanese culture. The following are recommended items.

Arita-yaki vases
Arita-yaki is one of the oldest ceramics in Japan and is characterized by its beautiful patterns and paintings. Arita-yaki vases come in a variety of styles, from traditional Japanese designs to contemporary ones, and can beautifully enhance flowers.
Copper vases
Copper vases have long been a favorite traditional Japanese vase. They feature a beautiful metallic shine and are available in a variety of designs. Copper products are also one of Japan’s traditional crafts.

Kurogaku Tea Bowl Vase
Kurogaku Tea Bowl is a kind of tea utensil with beautiful black gradation. By using Kurogaku teacups as vases, you can feel the unique texture and traditional culture of Japan.

Lacquer Ware Vases
Lacquerware is one of Japan’s traditional crafts, characterized by its beautiful luster and coloring. Lacquerware vases are often simple and elegant in design, creating a Japanese atmosphere.

These are some of the best items to buy as souvenirs or gifts of antique and vintage Japanese vases/vases.


Handmade Japanese Paper Stationery – Handmade Japanese paper is a high quality paper made with traditional Japanese techniques.
Through the ages, letters and notebooks made of handmade Japanese paper have become very high quality and beautiful.
Notebooks and letter sets made of handmade Japanese paper are also recommended for those who enjoy calligraphy and painting.

Kimono coasters Antique Japanese kimono fabrics have beautiful patterns and colors, and can be used as is or as accessories, making them very pretty.
Coasters made of kimono fabrics will be appreciated as items for daily use.








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